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Cleveland Everest Futbol Club

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There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

Parental Guidelines

The Club wishes to create a family atmosphere for players, parents, and coaches. Everest should become a place where everyone feels a part of the direction of the club and a sense of belonging and attachment to its mission.

In order to foster a positive learning environment, the following parental guidelines should be observed by our parents:

1. Be a positive role model! Show good sportsmanship and attitude towards the referee, the opposing team and their parents, the coach, and your fellow team parents, players and coach.

2. Support your child by giving encouragement and positive reinforcement. This support should not be dependent on winning or losing.

3. Your child is playing soccer. They must have their own goals and reasons for playing. You should help them establish and achieve goals but be careful not to impose your own standards and goals. Remember they are the ones playing.

4. Make every attempt to foster your child’s self-image. This will encourage quicker learning and increase their enjoyment. It will be natural for a player to have fear of failure and question their abilities or position in regard to their peers. As long as children give their best, they must be made to feel like winners, no matter the outcome of the game.

5. Mistakes are part of the game - part of learning. Help your child to understand and accept them both in their own personal play and that of others on their team.

6. Let the referee ref!! Players tend to mirror your actions, feelings, and reactions. They have enough trouble with learning the game under pressure, making decisions, selecting the right place to run, pass, etc. They do not need to worry about whether or not the ref is doing well or “against” their team.

Club Position Statements

Soccer should be fun!!! That’s why children play the sport and are willing to spend so much time and effort with this activity. When it stops being fun, they stop developing and eventually stop playing.

Everest Soccer Club considers itself to be a developmental organization. Long term goals include the improvement of the individual before the team. Our coaches stress the correct tactical and technical aspects of the game. Quality performance rather than result is emphasized. If player development is done properly, winning will take care of itself.

The Club emphasizes the development of the “total player”. Becoming a better soccer player involves more than just learning techniques and the ability to perform. The ability to handle stressful situations, proper nutrition, sportsmanship, and developing character are but a few of the other factors that enter into the equation of developing the “total player”.

Every effort is made to provide players with highly qualified professional coaches that hold national certification and a great amount of amateur coaching experience. Many of the members of the staff have numerous years of experience coaching at the high school and college level, instructing in OYSAN Coaching Schools and the Olympic  Development Program.

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Cleveland Everest Futbol Club

2445 Deer Run 
Ravenna, Ohio 44266

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